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We offer a wide range of Survey & Inspection services, ranging from simple condition and valuation surveys to complicated damage investigations and loss adjustments. All backed by dedicated personnel and with years of experience in the industry.

Our Valuation & Loss Adjustment Services include:

  • Marine Surveys
  • Plant & Machinery Surveys
  • Real Estate Surveys
  • Commodity Surveys

Marine Surveys

As Marine Surveyors, we are dedicated to serving the marine industry. Whether it is a concern about the vessel or the cargo it carries, we are there to serve you, with qualified surveyors who has a wealth of experience in vessels and cargoes. Our Marine Survey services include:

  • Condition and Valuation Survey of all types of Marine Vessels for insurance and finance purpose
  • Cargo Damage Survey – Container Inspections – Draft surveys for quantity determination of bulk cargo
  • Marine Insurance claims relating to Hull & Machinery
  • On / Off Hire Surveys
  • Survey and Valuation of Slipways, Docks, Marina and Boatyards etc.
  • Towage Approval Surveys
  • P & I Surveys
  • Pre-shipment Inspections

Plant & Machinery

We provide Condition & Valuation Surveys of Plant & Machinery for Banks & Financial Institutions. In addition we also provide
Loss Assessment Surveys of Plant & Machinery for Insurance Adjustment purposes.

Real Estate Surveys

We provide Condition & Valuation Surveys of

  • Domestic & Commercial Buildings
  • Resorts and Islands leased for Commercial Development
  • Land Surveys

Commodity Inspections

The international market demands strict compliance with internationally accepted standards. It includes definition of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of a cargo during cargo operations, and also inspection of stacking
of a cargo, survey of damaged goods, weight control,lashing and securing, marking, etc.

Our Commodity inspection services

  • Pre-shipment inspection of all types of commodities regarding volume, weight, quality and other specifications
  • Continuous supervision of loading and discharge of cargo including weighment and sampling according to requirements
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